Motown Records enters the Metaverse with OG partner Second Life

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Motown Records Styngr Metaverse Second Life

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Photo credit: Linden Labs

Motown Records and STYNGR have partnered with the original Metaversum Second Life.

The collaboration will see the launch of Motown Records, a new immersive music experience and venue within Second Life. It will also be home to international performances by top classic and contemporary Motown artists. Linden Lab released Second Life in 2003, making it one of the OG virtual worlds still alive today.

The Motown Records venue opens with interactive experiences that celebrate the record label’s iconic sound. Visitors can snag styngs, which allow Second Life residents to attach music snippets from Motown Record to their avatars. Remember HitClips? Now the digital version of it is coming to Second Life. There is also a curated radio station Motown Records, with new content expected to follow throughout 2023.

This is the first digital experience of its kind with Motown Records. The partnership is made possible by STYNGR’s licensing, technology and platform, which imports curated music from major and independent labels.

“Motown Records stands out as one of the most innovative and ambitious record labels in history,” added Alvaro Velilla, senior vice president, new business, UMG. “We are thrilled that this unprecedented partnership with Second Life will offer fans of the label’s groundbreaking artists an immersive experience like no other. Virtual spaces like this offer a whole new way for fans to build communities around the artists and music they love.”

“Our goal in seeking partnerships and collaboration opportunities is to enhance, enhance and enrich the experiences of Second Life residents in the world,” said Brad Oberwager, Executive Chairman of Linden Lab. “Working with Motown Records and STYNGR to bring the timeless music of one of the world’s most recognized music brands to our community is an extraordinary opportunity for Second Life, and we look forward to working together to bring this to both existing and existing businesses.” new residents who want to experience the music of Motown Records in a whole new way.”