NetEase Cloud Music enters strategic partnership with Chinese company RYCE Entertainment – including Jackson Wang’s catalogue

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NetEase Cloud Music RYCE

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Photo credit: WJS852 / CC from 4.0

NetEase Cloud Music has signed a strategic partnership with Chinese company RYCE Entertainment, including Jackson Wang’s catalogue.

The online music platform NetEase Cloud Music has announced a strategic partnership agreement with RYCE Entertainment, one of China’s leading music companies, to further expand the company’s music content library.

The deal gives NetEase Cloud Music access to a growing portfolio of RYCE Entertainment’s music catalog with 30-day first release rights to distribute new additions to the program. The two companies will work together to promote RYCE Entertainment’s artists and music catalog in China through their combined music production and distribution expertise.

RYCE Entertainment’s music catalog boasts a diverse roster of talented artists including Jackson Wang (pictured), Amber Liu, Tablo, PSY.P, Caelan Moriarty, Oscar Wang, AnsrJ, Renyu Zheng and many more.

Since its inception in 2021, RYCE has integrated top management and production teams from across the industry and has a solid talent roster with extensive copyright and media resources, industry access and networks. The company continues to develop entertainment content production business models that adapt to new media trends, and aims to create a diverse and contemporary entertainment pillar.

As the leading online music platform in China, NetEase Cloud Music continues to work with leading entertainment companies worldwide to expand its offering. Earlier this year, the company expanded its portfolio of C-pop music through partnerships with production companies such as Rock Records and B’in Music.

With a growing portfolio of music from major labels spanning a wide range of genres and geographies, NetEase Cloud Music is known for nurturing emerging and independent musicians while continuing to leverage its production capabilities and loyal Gen-Z community of dedicated music fans expands.

NetEase Cloud Music is a favorite online destination for younger generations of fans to enjoy music of various genres by artists from home and abroad. The platform’s unique music community atmosphere, highly interactive user base and impressive user retention resulted in NetEase Cloud Music hosting 189 million monthly active users in 2022, who demonstrated strong average daily music listening trends and interactions with other users in the community.