OpenAI signs 6-year deal with Shutterstock to secure “high-quality training data”

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OpenAI License Agreement Shutterstock

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Image credit: Shutterstock/OpenAI

OpenAI expands its partnership with Shutterstock, signing a six-year deal to secure “high-quality training data.”

Shutterstock, a leading content and creative workflow platform, has announced the expansion of its partnership with artificial intelligence pioneer OpenAI. With a new six-year contract Shutterstock will provide “high quality training data” for OpenAI models.

As part of the expanded collaboration, OpenAI has secured a license to access additional training data from Shutterstock, including image, video and music libraries and associated metadata. Shutterstock will have priority access to the latest OpenAI technology and will continue to leverage DALL-E’s generative text-to-image capabilities in its platform.

The integration also gives Shutterstock customers synthetic editing capabilities, allowing them to create new content and edit and transform any image in the Shutterstock library “to speed ideation and production.” Additionally, Shutterstock and OpenAI will work together to bring generative AI capabilities to mobile users through Shutterstock’s newly acquired GIPHY platform.

“The renewal and significant expansion of our strategic partnership with OpenAI reinforces Shutterstock’s commitment to driving innovation in AI technology and positions us as the data and distribution partner of choice for industry leaders in generative AI,” said Paul Hennessy, CEO of Shutterstock.

“We are pleased to license Shutterstock’s high quality content library. This expanded collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of our image models, but also enables brands, digital media and marketing companies to unlock transformative possibilities in content creation and ideation,” adds Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI. “We look forward to bringing the next generation of Generative AI capabilities to Shutterstock and GIPHY’s large user base, further revolutionizing the way people express themselves through visual media.”

As the latest step in Shutterstock’s journey to drive innovation in AI advancements, the company also launched its AI Image Generator, a DALL-E-based tool that allows users to create custom graphics. Shutterstock was also the first company to introduce a contribution fund. This initiative has compensated hundreds of thousands of artists for the role of their intellectual property in training Shutterstock’s generative technology and paid them ongoing royalties associated with the licensing of newly generated assets.