Over 15,000 people have used Grimes’ AI voice platform since beta launch, the manager says

Grimes performs live. Credit: Caitlyn Ridenour

According to her team, more than 15,000 people have already used Grimes’ Elf.tech AI platform to make her singing sound like the Canadian singer-songwriter’s, and the resulting music is now available on streaming services.

The important user data point comes just days after Grimes unveiled Elf.tech in beta, having only announced its plans for the language modification tool in late April. Based on Triniti generative artificial intelligence, Elf.tech allows users to make their vocals sound as if they were recorded by Grimes himself, according to Pitchfork.

And unlike the tech behind the plethora of other artificial intelligence-infused music making waves on social media, video-sharing services and elsewhere, Elf.tech also includes distribution support and a framework through which Grimes distributes royalties evenly divided into the songs with the AI ​​rendering of her voice.

As mentioned at the beginning, the fully authorized artificial intelligence platform has attracted over 15,000 users just days after its release, according to Grimes’ team.

“An incredible new creative behavior has evolved since the launch of GrimesAI-1!” written Grimes executive (and co-founder and CEO of CreateSafe) Daouda Leonard thus identified 15,158 “total users”, 3,632 average unique daily users, an average of 250 “audio transformations” per hour and a total of 19,316 language transformations for Elf.tech wide.

Leonard also highlighted several of the AI ​​tool’s early creations, including a title called “And I never!” And Voiceover for a video game. Meanwhile, companies operating in and around the crypto space appear to be taking steps to reveel the 50:50 royalty split of Elf.tech songs using the self-described “on-chain payout infrastructure and creation tool” Reveel facilitate disclose that it “created a template for artists working with” Grimes AI so they “can easily share revenue across the chain.”

Of course, it will be worth monitoring Elf.tech’s results over the coming days and weeks as more people learn about and start using the new tool.

Currently no shortage of Grimes AI works (most created via Elf.tech) are popping up on YouTube where fans can currently enjoy them Miss Anthropocene The AI-assisted interpretations of the creator of Lana Del Rey pursuedAh-ha “take on me” and more than a few publications of up and coming acts, just to name a few.

In conclusion, while it seems unlikely that today’s best-known artists and music companies will adopt a similar AI model any time soon, the (unapproved) projects of prominent artists in the field of artificial intelligence are growing in number and popularity. AI Drake has now been released a whole albumand listeners, for example, try to express a generally positive opinion of the effort.