Peloton Signs Ed Sheeran Partnership to Expand “Outdoor Walking” – Get Ready for “Mindful, Engaging, Low-Impact Walks”

Photo credit: Tony Webster / CC from 2.0

Peloton just signed a deal with Ed Sheeran to introduce the brand’s first original audio collaboration for their app. According to the company, which the company has shared with Digital Music News, the new expansion, “Outdoor Walking,” will feature cut stories by Sheeran and music from his latest album. Subtract.

Fitness platform Peloton shared details of a new partnership with Ed Sheeran to release the company’s first series of outdoor walks. The practice extension will include original audio content from Sheeran’s latest album Subtract.

The Outdoor Walks are only available on the Peloton app and come in a variety of lengths, featuring Sheeran and Peloton instructors Jon Hosking and Tobias Heinze. According to the company, the global collaboration is unlike anything Peloton has previously produced, offering instructional content that encompasses a full album experience and “connected, immersive storytelling.”

“Exercise has become an important part of my overall mental and physical health, especially while working on this album,” says Ed Sheeran. “Working with Peloton on this outdoor walk series has been really cool and I hope you enjoy the experience Subtract in a unique way.”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and coincides with the release of Subtract, Peloton offers a workout that combines music, movement, and dialogue from Sheeran herself. Each class follows a similar format, with introductions by Hosking, Heinze, and Sheeran inviting peloton members on a “musical journey through mindful and engaged, low-impact walks.”

In terms of content, Sheeran tells personal anecdotes about Subtract and mental health with the Peloton community. There are courses with a length of 30 and 60 minutes as well as a 30-minute German course with Heinze. The 60-minute classes allow members to enjoy a full album experience while enjoying the great outdoors.

“With this drop, we’re introducing a whole new way of collaborating with an artist,” said Gwen Bethel Riley, SVP of Music and Content Partnerships at Peloton. “Ed Sheeran, with the support of Jon Hosking and Tobias Heinze, will bring his entire album to life and take our members on a fully charged musical experience.”

The Ed Sheeran Outdoor Walks are now available on the Peloton platform with no equipment required, making the experience accessible to all. Courses can be accessed through the Peloton app. New members can sign up for a free 30-day trial.