Peloton’s track is still spinning thanks to its collaboration with Lewis Capaldi

Credit: Peloton

Lewis Capaldi made a special appearance at Peloton Studios in London for a 30 minute cycling class. The performance is in support of his latest album, Broken from the desire to be sent from heaven.

Capaldi brought his signature humor and energy to the class, getting participants sweating to a playlist of his favorite pop hits, curated in collaboration with peloton instructor Ben Alldis. Lewis also wowed the drivers in the class.

“It was a great honor to work with Lewis to co-curate the playlist for this class,” Ben Alldis says of the experience. “We had a lot of fun working together and making sure there were loads of pop bangers in the class. Given the energy in the room, I can’t wait to see this shared with the wider peloton community.”

“It was unreal taking a live class with Ben at Peloton Studios London,” adds Lewis Capaldi. “Peloton is so good for me, especially on tour when I feel a bit groggy going from place to place. It’s great for resetting what’s going on in my head and just makes me feel better about my day. It’s a big help for me.”

Peloton members can experience the 30-minute pop ride on the platform as a Premiere Encore class starting today, May 22nd. There’s also a 10-minute stretch class with Capaldi. Both courses will be available upon request in the Peloton course library or in the Peloton app. Capaldi shared a little more about his experiences over the weekend.

“Yesterday I did something with Peloton. “It’s this big bike and they do these courses in London, so I went along and did a short course and it was pretty darn tough,” the singer said told the audience. “I was sweating a lot. Again that’s a bit too much information but the saddle of the bike really got to me, even now when I sit down it hurts all over me – I’ve got a bruise.”