Radio and music industry specialty restaurant ‘All Access’ to close due to ‘severe financial headwinds’

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All Access will shut down

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Photo credit: All Access

After nearly 28 years, the radio and music industry journal All Access will close on August 15 due to “significant financial problems”.

Trade journal for the music and radio industry All access has announced it will cease publication at the end of business on August 15 as “significant financial headwinds” have resulted in a significant drop in sales which the company believes makes further development impossible.

“This was not a decision taken lightly, nor without serious attempts to find a way forward,” the company writes. “It follows major changes in the music industry that were announced in January of this year. This strong financial headwind also affects our partners outside the music industry. Both downturns severely impacted the functioning of All Access. The dollars just aren’t there anymore to support our operations and employees.”

“It is undoubtedly the saddest and most heartbreaking moment of my professional life to be able to announce that ALLACCESS.COM is to cease publishing and going out of business,” said company founder and president/publisher Joel Denver.

“All Access started almost 28 years ago and with the help of a great team of professionals, the best in the business. We have weathered many changes and obstacles in the industry over these years,” continued Denver.

“We have blazed an incredible path and driven every part of our operation through honesty, hard work and passion for the radio industry, the music, the artists and our many readers, marketing partners, customers, and our many contributing editors. Thank you all – we couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Looking back on nearly three decades of service, we have so much to be proud of. We have created amazing editorial and service products that will be a benchmark of our success,” concluded Denver. “The closure of All Access does not mean that I am retiring from the business. I will take a moment to catch my breath and focus on new horizons and possibilities.”

Denver concludes that he will give each member of the All Access team a warm recommendation and encourages interested parties to contact them through the company’s website team page.