Rapper Anuel AA Cancels Uruguay Concert After Payment Dispute

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Anuel AA cancels uruguay concert

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Photo Credit: Timelezzzz / CC by 4.0

Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA has abruptly cancelled a planned concert in Uruguay following a payment dispute.

The concert was supposed to happen tonight at the Antel Arena in Montevideo, Uruguay. However, the rapper’s Real Hasta La Muerte announced the cancellation last night with the following statement:

“This decision stems from the failure of payment on behalf of the production team of the ‘O2 Urban Fest’ event, which violates the contractual terms agreed upon between Real Hasta la Muerte LLC, Anuel, and Rafael Fernández Hofmeister—the event producer. Despite continuous efforts to uphold the integrity of the contractual commitment, the lack of financial compliance has led us to this challenging decision.”

“Anuel sincerely laments this situation and extends his apologies to his Uruguayan fans for the disappointment caused. He reaffirms his dedication to the audience and looks forward to reconnecting in the near future under appropriate conditions and fulfilled contractual terms.”

While the payment dispute has led to the cancellation of this Uruguay concert—Anuel AA has a reputation for canceling concerts at the last minute. In May, fans trashed the Capital One Arena in Washington DC after they waited three hours for the concert to begin. After the crowd was informed the rapper was facing travel challenges and wouldn’t appear, fans began throwing food and drink on the stage, throwing guard barriers, and generally making a nuisance in protest.

At the time, Capital One Arena staff said they were made aware late that night that the artist was experiencing travel difficulties. “The decision was made to postpone the concert as it was expected that the artist would be arriving near midnight before hitting the stage, severely hampering thousands of fans and staff who relied on the Metro to return home.”

Anuel AA says he appreciates the understanding of his fans in Uruguay and expresses his gratitude for their interest. So far, the event organizer has yet to respond to the artist’s cancellation.