Roc Nation signs Ryder Cup partnership deal and prepares “cross-over content that will attract new, younger fans to watch”

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Roc Nation signs Ryder Cup partnership deal and prepares cross over | Richmcculley

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Credit: Johnny Such

Roc Nation and the Ryder Cup have officially signed a partnership deal, which will see acts like DJ Khaled promote the upcoming 2023 edition of the golf competition.

The nearly centennial golf event and the Sports International division of Jay-Z-founded Roc Nation today officially announced their “historic consulting partnership”. Ahead of the 44th Ryder Cup – the event is held every two years, with the 2023 edition due to start in Rome this September – Roc Nation will “use its far-reaching influence to showcase the drama and excitement of what’s happening”, as the parties involved called it.

This showcase is expected to consist notably of “creative content” as well as “productions and strategic PR amplification,” with Roc Nation Sports International (RNSI) “utilizing its world-class in-house resources as a 360-degree agency,” the statement said Announcing the exit from the Ryder Cup and the Duetti investor.

And as mentioned at the beginning, the artist list of Roc Nation (the celebrated (the 10th anniversary of Roc Nation Sports earlier this year) is also poised to market the multi-day event as part of the unique collaboration and create and participate in “Ryder Cup themed content for their fans”.

DJ Khaled, mentioned at the outset, will be “at the forefront and at the heart of the collaboration,” senior executives said, also sharing that the 47-year-old, “who can’t get enough of the sport,” “will help with the development.” “. its audience and create a crossover moment.”

DJ Khaled, who appeared on the show, addressed the deal and his affinity for golf in a statement cover from Gulf Digest Last month he said, “Let’s go play golf! I’m really excited about the partnership with the Ryder Cup. I’ve been getting a lot more involved with golf lately; It has become a passion of mine. We’re stepping it up a notch. Believe that!”

In his own remarks, Michael Yormark, president of Roc Nation and chief of branding and strategy, previously at Sunrise Sports and Entertainment/Florida Panthers Managing Directormade it clear that his current company “wants to help take the 2023 Ryder Cup to the next level as one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar”.

For his part, Ryder Cup director Guy Kinnings pointed to the perceived potential of “crossover content that will entice new, younger fans to watch and follow the event”.

In addition to the Ryder Cup partnership, Roc Nation (and PUMA) today revealed “an exclusive mixtape project” that will feature “brand new music from the label’s hottest up-and-coming rappers” as well as a second sneaker year old Mixtape RS line.