Rockstar Energy partners with Spotify to launch a “new global platform” — artist sponsorships, concerts and more

Rockstar has partnered with Spotify to launch a new music-focused platform called Press Play. Photo credit: Rockstar Energy Drink

After Pepsi announced wide-ranging collaborations with Bad Bunny and Apple Music, PepsiCo’s Rockstar Energy has partnered with Spotify to launch a “new global platform” called Press Play in Europe and the Middle East.

Rockstar today emailed Digital Music News about Press Play’s upcoming debut, which is set to begin “with an in-app concert experience on Spotify” this summer. The energy drink company’s plans to venture “further into the world of music” have grabbed the media spotlight just days after Red Bull unveiled the Batalla USA 2023 line-up, despite its once-sizable engagement in the music community amid the pandemic.

Of course, Monster Beverage (which is nearly 20 percent owned by The Coca-Cola Company) continues to rely on live music events and sponsorship deals certain artists to market its products. Meanwhile, various energy drink brands have grappled with lawsuits over allegedly unauthorized use of tracks.

Beyond Spotify Union – Rockstar customers in Europe and the Middle East also have a chance to win six-month subscription codes – the PepsiCo subsidiary aims to “enhance the digital and physical world with online and OOH (Out of Home Advertising) activations.” connect.” ”

The latter will include “partnerships with several top artists,” according to the 22-year-old rock star, who hasn’t revealed the artists involved. However, higher authorities have signaled that they are ready to announce the upcoming “virtual appearances” “before the summer”.

Explaining the details of the agreement, Bart LaCount, vice president of international beverage marketing at PepsiCo, said, “With our ‘Press Play’ platform, we want to give you the boost you need to be your best and do the things you love.” The Spotify partnership and upcoming digital events demonstrate our commitment to this mission as it will deliver an unforgettable experience for music fans.”

As for the decision to partner with Spotify and focus on Europe and the Middle East, it doesn’t look like the Rockstar promotional products will be available for purchase in North America — just Rockstar rolls in the United Arab Emirates at the end of 2021.

Spotify is also looking to increase its presence in the MENA region – home to the world’s fastest growing music market, largely due to the continued expansion of streaming, according to IFPI. With an Arabic-language mobile app in Morocco (population 37 million) and Saudi Arabia (population 36 million), the Stockholm-headquartered platform saw tremendous user growth outside of North America, Latin America and Europe in the first quarter.