Samsung Taps BTS for Galaxy Z Flip 5 & Z Fold 5 Ads in South Korea

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Samsung BTS Galaxy ads

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Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung is going all-in on a BTS advertising blitz for its latest Galaxy Z Flip & Fold smartphones. Here’s the latest. 

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event was held in Seoul yesterday, showcasing these new smartphones. BTS member SUGA was in attendance, though he did not perform. When asked for his feedback on the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Galaxy Z Fold 5, SUGA looked at the camera and gave a thumbs-up. The Stray Kids were also in attendance, seen posing for photos in front of the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event. 

Samsung also revealed its new advertising campaign, “Join the Flip Side” featuring Jimin from BTS. The ad has taken Korean social media by storm, with images of the singer and the phone both online and in physical stores across South Korea. Some of the online comments surrounding the campaign highlight why big advertising partnerships like this are important.

“He’s cute, sexy and cool,” writes one commenter. “I’m going to switch to Samsung,” writes another. That’s an important distinction since despite being on its home turf, Samsung is losing ground with the younger generation.

A recent survey of 1,001 people by Gallup Korea found that the younger generation (18-24) is more likely to be using an iPhone (60%) than Samsung (32%). That’s an astounding statistic in the home of Samsung and highlights how important re-capturing that younger demographic has become for the Korean tech giant. 

Samsung doesn’t start gaining an advantage over Apple in its home country until the 30-39 age bracket, which is firmly millennial. Even then, Samsung only takes 56% of that bracket, while 41% admit they use the iPhone over Samsung-branded devices. For everyone over 40, Samsung is the preferred device on the market (78%) compared to iPhone with just 10% of respondents in that age bracket saying they use Apple devices. It highlights how important partnerships with younger K-pop groups can be to turning tech into a fashion statement rather than just a device to access the internet.