Spanish performer CMO AIE reports a 7.18% YoY increase in revenue

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Photo credit: Ibrahim Boran

Spanish CMO AIE reports revenue up 7.18% year-on-year, recovering from a sharp drop from before the COVID-19 crisis.

AIE, the Spanish organization for the collective management of artists (CMO), claims to have raised 41.8 million euros in 2022, 7.18% more than in 2021 – recovering from before the COVID-19 crisis after a significant drop in the music market. In addition, AIE’s total sales reached 5.2% more than in 2019, the last “regular” year before COVID.

The actions taken and guided by the IEA Board to deal with the strong negative impact of the pandemic prevented significant structural damage, allowed for the recovery of IP revenues and provided a solid basis to deal with the current scenario. The main markets were royalties from digital streaming platforms, where AIE is a pioneer, and public performance of phonograms. The right to music in the audiovisual sector was also relevant in 2022.

In addition, EUR 42 million was distributed to AIE members in 2022, an increase of 27.2% compared to the distribution in 2019 (EUR 33 million). AIE ends 2022 with 33,174 artist members and 103 reciprocal rights exchange agreements with 80 PMOS in 58 countries. AIE has more bilateral agreements worldwide and is the only CMO with effective collections capacity in Latin America.

“The improvement in collection and distribution data in recent years demonstrates the outstanding work that the AIE has done for artists since its inception,” says José Luis Sevillano, Director General of the AIE. “On the one hand: at the institutional level, defending the extension of artists’ digital rights before important bodies such as WIPO or the European Union, but also before some governments.

“On the other hand: by consolidating our position as the most advanced company in the world in the management of musicians’ digital rights – this is the model that we are trying to expand to other countries.” Internally, too, the further development of a model based on microservices, modularity and cloud computing brings significant advantages for AIE’s commercial transactions.

“For example, the new rights distribution system based on Data Lake provides more transparency and increases the level of detail (granularity) of the data in order to improve the information available to our members.”