Speech Cloning Platform Resemble AI Raises $8M in Series A Round

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Voice cloning platform

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Photo credit: Resembles the AI

Speech cloning platform Resemble AI raises $8M in Series A and launches a “deepfake detector”.

Resemble AI, a leading provider of generative artificial language intelligence, has done this behaved $8 million in Series A funding round led by Javelin Venture Partners and Comcast Ventures, with follow-on investments from Craft Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures and Qasar Younis. Resemble AI also announced the release of its deepfake audio detector, Resemble Detect, and the general availability of its speech-to-speech voice conversion.

“We are proud to support Resemble AI’s secure enterprise deployment of generative AI,” said Alex Gurevich, Managing Director at Javelin Venture Partners. “Their track record of enabling global entertainment and technology companies to use speech AI ethically is unparalleled in the industry.”

With over a million users and over 35 years of audio generated in the last year, Resemble AI addresses AI fraud and security concerns. Resemble Detect validates the authenticity of audio data to uncover deepfake audio in real-time with a 98% accuracy rate. This offering analyzes audio across all media forms and against all modern AI generative speech synthesis solutions.

Resemble AI was founded in 2019 with a focus on ethics. Its ethics statement prioritizes safety when building generative AI. Resemble AI requires the user’s explicit consent for voice cloning, and strict usage policies are enforced to prevent malicious use. The company released another safeguard for enterprise customers this year: the PerTh Watermarker, which can detect if an audio file created by Resemble AI has been tampered with.

“Our mission is to make interaction with digital products as human and natural as possible,” says Zohaib Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of Resemble AI. “We want to make AI tools more accessible to more people, but we also recognize that we cannot talk about AI without talking about ethics. We are proud to release Resemble Detect, another solution in our legitimacy toolkit.”

Resemble Detect, PerTh Watermarker and Speech-to-Speech products are now available to Resemble AI customers demonstrations available to make an appointment.