Spirit Music Group forms joint venture with VISCYRL and Arcade Songs

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Spirit Music Group VISCYRL and Arcade Songs

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Credits: Frank Rogers, Norbert Nix, Sawyer Utah, Gregg Wattenberg, Tom Lee / Spirit Music Group

Spirit Music Group forms a joint venture with VISCYRL and Arcade Songs, signing up-and-coming artist Sawyer Utah to a worldwide publishing deal.

Spirit Music Group has announced a creative joint venture with VISCYRL and Arcade Songs. The first to sign the agreement is 22-year-old aspiring pop artist, writer and producer Sawyer Utah (pictured, center), whose debut single “Nights Like This” was released on June 8.

Sawyer Utah has been writing and recording since he was seven in his hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. During middle and high school, he began mastering the arts of engineering and production while honing his songwriting skills.

After speaking with a family friend, Utah was connected to music executive Norbert Nix (pictured center left) and signed to VISCYRL. His songs quickly caught the attention of producer and songwriter Frank Rogers of Spirit Music Group in Nashville (pictured left) and songwriter and producers Gregg Wattenberg (pictured center right) and Tom Lee (pictured right) of Arcade Songs in New York. As a result, Utah quickly entered the songwriting scene of Los Angeles, New York and Nashville.

He recently collaborated with Zach Hood on an upcoming single on Arista Records, as well as Camylio, Prateek Kuhad, Benzi Edelson, Jesse Fink, David Arkwright, Sophie Simmons and many others. Sawyer Utah’s debut single “Nights Like This” was released on June 8th.

“I will forever be grateful to Norbert for recognizing my vision and believing in me when we first met in 2019. When he connected me to Frank, Greg, Tom and the entire Spirit/Arcade team, I immediately felt their support,” says Sawyer. “It was a perfect fit on so many levels. I look forward to advancing and working with this respected and respected team.”

“Spirit Music is excited to welcome Sawyer Utah and to be collaborating with VISCYRL and Arcade Songs,” added Frank Rogers, Chief Creative Officer, Spirit Music Group/Chief Executive Officer, Spirit Music Nashville. “With Sawyer’s talent and the team around him, we really feel like there are no limits.”

“Meeting multidimensional creative Sawyer Utah was a complete fluke, but after hearing his music I knew I wanted to work with this young, talented powerhouse,” said Norbert Nix, Founder of VISCYRL. “His positive energy and musical instincts were key in building our partnership with Spirit Music and Arcade Songs.”

“Sawyer is an undeniable talent and a great songwriter. His voice and energy touched me the moment we first met. “This is just the beginning and we’re excited to be on this journey with him, Norbert Nix and our partners at Spirit Music Group,” concludes Tom Lee of Arcade Songs.