Spotify is quietly expanding its AI DJ offering to Ireland and the UK

Photo credit: Spotify

Spotify is expanding the availability of its AI DJ to the UK and Ireland after launching in the US and Canada in February.

The audio giant uses generative AI to create a bespoke DJ that can personalize music based on a person’s preferences. The beta launched in February 2023 for users in the US and Canada and it looks like Spotify is ready to expand its presence to the UK and Ireland.

The AI ​​DJ sorts through the latest music and looks back at old favorites you’ve played before. It checks the likelihood that you’ll like the track, then delivers a stream of songs selected for you and updates the cast based on your feedback in real time. If the AI ​​DJ isn’t in the right mood, you can request a change with the push of a button.

According to Spotify, its AI DJ is a combination of Spotify editors using OpenAI technology to publish new recommendations. “Our editors are able to expand their innate knowledge in ways never seen before,” reads the press release announcing the new feature. It can be as simple as someone typing into Spotify: “If someone likes Caravan Palace, what are some good music recommendations for them?”

AI DJ Voice uses technology from Spotify’s Sonantic acquisition to bring voice from text to life. Voiced by Xavier “X” Jernigan, Head of Cultural Partnerships at Spotify. Previously he was the presenter of the Spotify morning show The Get Up. According to Spotify, a personalized DJ is the most requested feature in the UK and Ireland, so it made sense to expand availability there first.

“We’ve found that DJ listeners are more willing to try something new (or listen to a song they might otherwise have skipped) when they hear commentary alongside personal music recommendations. “On days when users tune in, fans spend 25% of their listening time with DJs – and they keep coming back,” according to Spotify says about the new function.

It is clear that the personalized DJ will also appeal to a younger audience. Gen Z and Millennials make up 87% of the users who use the DI function every day.