Sterling by Music Man New for 2022

Sterling by Music Man kicks off 2022 with an exciting announcement of our full line-up. From fresh renditions of old favorites to new instruments, the 2022 lineup is sure to delight new and old Sterling by Music Man fans alike. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for more information and sign up for ours if you haven’t already Newsletter to get exclusive updates.


Inspired by Ernie Ball Music Man’s original designs from the 1970’s, you’ve never experienced the StingRay guitar like this. The StingRay SR50 has received a number of upgrades, including a roasted maple neck with rosewood or roasted maple fretboard, poplar body, super-smooth vintage tremolo and locking tuners; All performance and playability dates. The dual humbucking configuration is perfect for those looking for a powerful tone out of their favorite guitar. All new for 2022, that StingRay SR50 is now available in Firemist Silver And buttermilk.

Cutlass CT 5 0


Developed alongside the StingRay guitar, the Cutlass is one of the most versatile instruments in the Sterling by Music Man lineup and looks fresh for 2022 Cutlass CT50 rocks a roasted maple neck with a rosewood or roasted maple fretboard, poplar body, vintage tremolo and locking tuners. The versatile humbucker and two single-coil configurations can handle everything from dark lead tones to funky rhythms to classic single-coil tones. All new for 2022, that Cutlass CT50HSS is now available in Daphne Blue Satin And Pueblo Pink Satin.

ct50 2022 | Richmcculley



Designed in collaboration with Mars Volta and At the Drive-In composer and guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López butterfly is an eye catcher. The guitar’s unique body shape is eye-catching, but there’s more to the Mariposa than meets the eye. Equipped with dual humbucking pickups controlled by separate volume controls, this guitar offers endless tonal possibilities. With a roasted maple neck, locking machine heads, three-way switching and block inlays, this guitar is one of the most distinctive instruments in the Sterling by Music Man line. The butterfly is now available in Pueblo pink.

mar 2022 | Richmcculley



Fans of high-performance guitars will be delighted with the Majesty as a mainstay of the Sterling by Music Man 2022 series. Specially designed to be played by John Petrucci, these guitars are the ultimate tools for uncompromising expression. Featuring a 12dB push-push volume control, rosewood fretboard and modern tremolo, the Majesty is built to push the boundaries of guitar music in both 6-string andMAJ100) and 7-string (170 MAY) configurations. The guitar wouldn’t be complete without its dual humbucking pickups, which deliver amazing tone to match its look and feel. The majesty In Siberian sapphire is a perfectly designed, modern instrument for those who want to push their sound to the max.

maj 2022 | Richmcculley



The AX3QM axis represents a long heritage of iconic guitars combined with modern guitar innovations. Equipped with a 5-way selector, an asymmetrical neck and a vintage-inspired tremolo, the Axis pays homage to guitar history without sacrificing comfort. For 2022 is the AX3QM axis is guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention with its new quilted maple surfaces. Spectrum Red And spectrum blue.

axis 2022 1 | Richmcculley

RAY 3 4 & RAY 3 5


The StingRay’s distinctive timbre has made it a staple of music since its introduction and a staple in any bass player’s collection. These basses feature a roasted maple neck, a modern, contoured body, and a 3-band active pickup. Choose from a single or dual Alnico humbucking option for the purest StingRay tone or for tonal versatility. The Sting Ray Ray34 is now available in Purple glitter, Blue Gloss, sea ​​foam glitter, Heritage cherry bust, neptune blueAnd Dark scarlet burst satin. The Sting Ray Ray35 come in Purple glitter, Blue GlossAnd Dark scarlet burst satin.The StingRay Ray34HH And StingRay Ray35HH are now available in Amber.

ray basses 2022 | Richmcculley



The StingRay Short Scale RaySS4 is the epitome of the phrase, “Good things come in small packages.” Packing the full StingRay sound into a 30-inch scale, this short-scale bass is perfect for any bassist looking for the iconic tone in a more compact form. This bass’s easy playability is complemented by its passive boost and single humbucking pickup with higher output neodymium magnets that allow for parallel, true single coil and series modes. That means it offers comfort without compromising on sound. The StingRay Short Scale RaySS4 is now available in Black with tortoiseshell pickguard.

sr4ss 2022 | Richmcculley

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