Stray Kids breaks K-Pop record with more than 5 million album pre-sales

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment / CC by 3.0

K-pop boy band Stray Kids break records with more than five million album pre-sales and more than two million first-day copies sold in South Korea.

Stray Kids’ comeback album on the day of its release 5 Stars quickly became one of the best-selling titles in South Korea that year. The immediate commercial of the album Success has given the boy band a feat that only two other bands have achieved in the country’s history.

5 Stars was only released on Friday June 2nd and on that day sold a staggering 2,392,666 copies in South Korea alone, according to the Hanteo charts, one of the top two music charts in the country. The album has now been viewed more than five million times units sold in presale – the highest presale of any recorded album in history.

The group is only the third in history to sell more than two million copies of an album on its first day of release in South Korea. Stray Kids Joins BTS And Seventeen With A Huge Day One Win; BTS set a precedent with their album Map of the Soul: 7 Early 2020, with over 2.65 million copies in the first six hours of availability. BTS would achieve a second appearance with prove in 2022, which surpassed two million sales on day one.

K-pop boy band Seventeen became the second group to sell more than two million copies of a new release in a single day earlier this year. Her FML The release sold a whopping 3.99 million copies on day one, breaking previous records for first-day sales and setting a new benchmark for first-week sales overall.

Now Stray Kids have surpassed their previous best first week sales record and broke their own first day sales record. The group’s EP held the previous record of around 2.1 million copies sold in the first week Maxident. This release sold 1.3 million copies on the day of its debut.

Stray Kids have sold over 9 million copies of all their albums on the Hanteo charts – becoming the fifth artist to achieve the feat in South Korea.