Taylor Swift Concert Film Goes Global: Theaters in 100+ Countries On Board in October

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Taylor Swift concert film

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Photo Credit: Ronald Woan / CC by 2.0

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film will become a global event, expected to be available in theaters across over 100 countries beginning on October 13.

Taylor Swift’s concert film, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” is becoming a global theatrical event, expected to be available in more than 100 countries starting on October 13. Tickets will go on sale at most participating international locations outside North America beginning today (September 26). Moviegoers outside of North America can purchase tickets from the website or box office of their participating location of choice, with ticket prices varying by country.

Starting October 13, the record-breaking concert film will be screened at every major ODEON Cinemas location in Europe. AMC Theatres Distribution and its partners are working to reach agreements with movie theater operators, representing over 7,500 movie theaters worldwide, to show the film beginning October 13, and will continue to work with movie theaters to expand this footprint.

Thanks to the work of AMC Theatres Distribution and its sub-distribution partners, moviegoers worldwide will have easy access to experience the joy of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. The film is already scheduled to play in over 4,000 movie theaters in the US, Canada, and Mexico — including all AMC Theatres locations in the US.

When the film was first announced on August 31, the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour took less than 24 hours to shatter AMC’s US record for the highest ticket sales revenue during a single day in the company’s 103-year history. With such overwhelming demand, it became obvious to AMC that they needed to expand the release of the film globally.

The concert film will play at every ODEON Cinemas location throughout Europe, every AMC Theatres location in the US, and AMC will work with its sub-distribution partners to continue expanding its reach.

Theater operators interested in booking the concert film can find more information on the official website. US fans can purchase tickets through AMC Theatres.