The Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey was abruptly shut down

Photo credit: Tim Toomey

The return of the Bamboozle music festival in New Jersey has left many fans feeling despondent.

The Bamboozle festival was scheduled to take place May 5-7 at Atlantic City’s Bader Field. However, the city issued a statement saying it would not issue final approval for the Bamboozle festival to operate. “There was an ongoing concern that we did not receive the necessary documents from the festival organizers in a timely manner,” the statement said.

The event was fast approaching and these issues were still unresolved. Therefore, my office has given the festival organizers a reasonable deadline to submit the necessary documents to the city opinion shares, the deadline was set for April 27th.

“The lawyer has acknowledged receipt of the termination letter. The city did not receive a written application for an extension or any other written indication that the required documents could not be submitted. The April 27 deadline has passed and the festival organizers’ attorney has been informed that the event will be canceled in line with our prior announcement.”

A statement released on Bamboozle Festival’s website reads: “After extensive discussions, we have made the heartbreaking decision to cancel Bamboozle 2023. An incredible amount of time, dedication, passion and hard work has gone into making this comeback a success.” Thank you to everyone who supported this festival. Refunds should be requested at time of purchase.”

Some fans of the festival were disappointed with the way the promoters sold expensive early bird tickets. When the festival failed to attract big-name artists, those fans claimed that founder John D’Esposito turned down refund requests and cyberbullying Anyone who has complained about the practice on social media. In at least one instance, he allegedly threatened to release the home address of a fan who criticized Bamboozle and wrote to show sponsors about D’Esposito’s online behavior.

Local Reports recommend Fans are contacting the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs about the festival. At least 21 complaints have been received so far, ranging from false advertising to refund requests.