The Spotify app for Tesla has received a major update with audiobook support and more

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Spotify Tesla app update

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Photo credit: Daniel Ek

Spotify has updated its Tesla infotainment system app with several new features such as QR code login and audiobook support. Here’s the latest.

This is the first major update for the app since 2015 and brings with it some much-needed improvements. One of the biggest new features is the ability to log into the app with a QR code without having to enter a password. Simply point your phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on the screen to log in.

The latest update also brings support for Spotify’s audio books to the infotainment system. Audiobooks are relatively new to the Spotify app, but can now be viewed on screen like playlists.

The app allows users easy navigation audio books leaf through chapter by chapter while listening. Finally, the biggest update is usability – it gives users the ability to tap an artist or album name in a playlist. While the feature doesn’t sound very new, it’s been missing since the app launched in 2015.

The only downside to the update is that it appears to be rolling out gradually. Tesla owners can update their car’s firmware to see if they have the latest version available. It’s unclear how long the new update will take to roll out as Spotify hasn’t responded as to how long it will be before everyone gets this new update. In any case, it’s nice to see Spotify addressing some of the more sensitive issues for customers. The revamped UI also features a more modern and user-friendly design to match the 2023 app design aesthetic.

The simplified sign-up process saves time and increases convenience for anyone looking to share their music while on a road trip. Making audiobooks easier to find is definitely a way to increase adoption of this new feature, which Spotify has only been experimenting with since 2022.