ThreeDee Music Signs Deal with European Dance Label, People Want to Dance

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ThreeDee Music People Want to Dance

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Photo Credit: Spyros Olivotos

Hamburg-based European dance label ‘People Want to Dance’ (PWTD) has inked a deal with ThreeDee Music. Here’s the latest.

The label will collaborate with ThreeDee Music for the spatial audio versions of their releases. First up? The Pan-European smash hit, “The Magic Key” by Trinix & One-T. “We are very happy about the collaboration with Andreas, Ekki, and their team and we will refine every PWTD smash hit with our expertise in 3D,” adds Matthias Stalter, CEO & Founder of ThreeDee Music. “Get ready for the dance floor; it’s going to be hot and dolbyatmospheric.”

ThreeDee Music was founded in 2021 by Matthias Stalter and now has branches in the UK and Germany. Stalter has been working as one of only two in-house producers at Abbey Road Studios, where he has his own production suite. Through studios in London and Munich, ThreeDee Music has become a worldwide pioneer and leader in Central Europe.

People Want to Dance was founded in 2022 in Hamburg by former Warner Music MD Andreas Weitkämpfer and Ekki Klages. With more than two decades of experience, the label has been designed to become the new home for electronic music in Europe. It offers artists fair deals, generous advances, campaign investment and state-of-the-art technology.

PWTD is using custom made software solutions and algorithms to help it discover new artists, monitor their ongoing artist campaigns, and stay up to date with artist updates. The label is distributed worldwide by The Orchard.

“We have designed PWTD as a new label to enable simple and fair access to new technologies for European electronic and dance artists,” says Andreas Weitkämpfer, CEO & Founder of People Want to Dance. “Therefore, it has been logical to provide a frame for first class Dolby Atmos releases with the experts at ThreeDee Music. We are delighted about the superb playlist rankings which ThreeDee Music’s mixes have already achieved for us.”