TikTok celebrates 10 years of BTS with a special hashtag

Photo credit: Samsung Saudi Arabia / CC from 3.0

TikTok is celebrating ten years of BTS with a special hashtag promotion: #10yrsWithBTS. Here’s the latest.

The K-pop group has broken multiple BTS records since joining the social media platform in 2019. They were the fastest account to reach a million followers – in just 13 hours. The group has 59.9 million followers, making it a global phenomenon and the most followed TikTok account in South Korea. BTS is also the most searched music artist on TikTok worldwide. These statistics highlight just how much of a global phenomenon BTS has become.

TikTok is collaborating with BTS on their project 10th anniversary party, the celebration of all things BTS. TikTok is celebrating with a #10yrswithBTS hashtag challenge and unique effect, a community-made compilation video, and exclusive footage in support of the group’s upcoming new single. Anyone on TikTok can learn more about the BTS Festa 2023 on TikTok by visiting hashtag #10yrswithBS to learn more.

The campaign also includes a compilation video made from the creations of the global TikTok community throughout the campaign period. Fans could have a chance to feature their video in this upcoming video simply by posting their video with the hashtag #10yrswithBTS.

TikTok is supporting the release of BTS single “Take Two” on the #newmusic hub, where the band will also be releasing exclusive footage to celebrate their decade together as a group. BTS will post a special message to fans here. According to TikTok, a very special collaboration that has not yet been announced will be announced in the coming days.

“We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with 2023 BTS FESTA to celebrate this incredible milestone on TikTok.” adds Isabel Quinteros, TikToks Global Lead, Music Partnerships. “We’re proud that TikTok is where the global ARMY comes together to connect, show their creativity and celebrate BTS as a community.”