TikTok Effect House Exits Beta—A Peek at Stats

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TikTok Effect House exits beta

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Photo Credit: TikTok

TikTok’s creative AR platform Effect House is exiting beta. Here’s a peek at some stats so far.

Since its introduction, the Effect House community has generated more than 21 billion videos—while racking up a massive 8.6 trillion views globally. The Effect, House Discord group, now numbers more than 400,000 members as the platform officially exits beta. The platform says it’s thrilled to welcome more members to the platform offering its robust tools, resources, and support as they create AR effects.

Since its 1.0 release in April 2022, TikTok has added several new features to Effect House for creators to enjoy. They include the Art Maker and Asset Studio, giving creators the ability to generate assets for their effects using artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the User Media Texture effect allows images from the camera roll to be incorporated into effects.

TikTok says there are now more than 50 templates to help creators get started on their creative journey to building effects. There are also more than 120 visual scripting nodes including triggers, events, controllers and more to add complex logic to the effect. Plus there are now more ways than ever for creators to monetize their hard work in building these effects for the community.

There’s a $6 million Effect Creator Rewards program that is currently ongoing, and a new Branded effect Closed beta, allowing creators to build effects for brands to potentially employ on social media. One example of this is creator Laura Gouillon’s “My Red Flags” effect was used to create more than 6.7 million videos on TikTok—landing her brand deals and a nice payout through the Effect Creator Rewards.

Effect Creator Rewards allow creators to collect rewards based on their effects’ engagement within the first 90 days of publishing. For each effect that reaches 500,000 authentic unique video published, creators collect $700 USD. For each 100,000 video published after 500,000 in the same time period, they collect $140 more.