TikTok Expands Starmaking Skills With #Rock, “One-stop Meeting Place for Heavy Music Fans”

Photo credit: Tiktok

TikTok launched the #Rock hashtag as a new hub for heavy music fans to discover new music they love.

The first featured artist for TikTok #rock hashtag is Cassyette. TikTok is expanding heavy metal’s popularity on the platform with trends like Skindred’s reggae metal trend, Slipknot dance challenge and new music from Sleep Token. Now users have a hub to discover new heavy music trends as they happen on TikTok.

Cassyette is known for fusing metal and rock-inspired sounds with modern electronic pop, and her unique sound has caught the attention of the music industry. She has over 22 million likes and 1.2 million followers on the platform, posting content such as new music, secret street performances and duets with fellow artists like Baby Tate.

The SoundOn artist started her career as a DJ and songwriter and has become one of London’s biggest emerging artists after her debut single “Jean” in 2019. She was nominated as one of TikToks Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2022.

“Thank you TikTok for featuring me as the face of #Rock! The rock and alternative community is currently thriving on TikTok,” Cassyette added of the feature. “It’s hot and for a lot of us it’s a great place to share our music. I found so many artists/bands here myself and got smashed in so many boxes because of it, so cheers!”

“It was truly amazing to see the power of duets and how they gave us such an easy way to cross paths and make two worlds collide. It means a lot to me to know that so many people have been able to discover my art here and thus visit my exhibitions.”

The hashtag #Rock on TikTok has already garnered over 200 million video views in 2023. TikTok has also helped revitalize countless classic rock classics and bring them to a whole new generation of fans.