TikTok is quietly introducing the Work with Artists feature – here’s what we know

Photo credit: Tiktok

TikTok is apparently working on a new feature that will allow users to create monetization campaigns with their favorite creators. Here’s a look at TikTok’s Work with Artists feature and how it works.

The new feature is called “Work with Artists” and was discovered yesterday by musician Jonah Manzano. The new initiative appears to be part of the Creator Next monetization program, which replaces Creator Fund, the social media platform founded in 2020 to attract creators to the platform. Here’s a look at how the function works.

It invites TikToker to choose a paid music task for which they want to create unique content. After the video with the song is created and posted, the more successful the video is on the platform, the more the creator earns. Manzano tweeted a screenshot what the artist campaign screen looks like for a track called “Never Alone” by Garrett Kato & Elina. The campaign would run for five days and would earn $120 for the person with the most likes for their videos featuring the song. Additional payouts for people in the top ten rankings.

The idea is pretty simple: Artists and their labels can set a reward budget to get TikTok creators interested in using their music on the platform. TikTok says it has nothing new to add to the feature, noting that it’s “always testing new ways to give artists additional ways to build engagement and reach new audiences.”

The idea is no different than running a competition and soliciting entries – but the whole world can judge. It will be interesting to see how the feature combats bots viewing, liking and interacting with content when creating content with a certain title carries some kind of financial reward. Incentive contributions will always encourage engagement from below to extort pennies wherever possible.