Travis Scott and Michael Jordan are planning a collaboration

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Travis ScottMichael Jordan

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Photo credit: Frank Schwichtenberg / CC from 4.0

Michael Jordan announces an upcoming collaboration with Travis Scott, which many fans say is an “UTOPIA”-branded Air Jordan sneaker promoting Scott’s highly anticipated upcoming album.

Michael Jordan recently took it on Instagram to announce an upcoming collaboration with Travis Scott by sharing a clip of the two video chatting. An unidentifiable object, which may be a shoebox, is blurred on a table. Scott says he’s working on something, and Jordan replies that it “looks good.” Then the Air Jordan logo appears, followed by the title of Travis Scott’s upcoming album. UTOPIA.

Many fans are speculating that the pair have a new shoe collaboration in the works, this time one focused on promoting Travis’ forthcoming album. Indeed, sneakerheads report Sources have revealed that the Travis Scott x Jordan sneaker, dubbed Cut The Check, will launch later this year, with more colorways planned for 2024.

The new Travis Scott x Jordan shoe, which has reportedly been spotted on Travis Scott’s feet several times over the past few months, “is kind of a trademark as it’s the first original design released as part of the collaboration,” says Sneaker News. “In addition to the signature rear-facing Swoosh, the silhouette sports a branded strap across the top, a construction said to be inspired by existing Swoosh icons.”

Meanwhile, Travis Scott is expected to drop his UTOPIA Album on July 28th when a listening party is planned in Egypt. Tickets for his performance at the Pyramids of Giza sold out in 30 minutes.

Scott also announced that the new album will feature five different covers, with vinyl available for pre-order on his website. He says the upcoming album is you remember of some of his older projects and told his audience at a festival appearance that it reminded him of ‘Owl Pharaoh’ (2013) and ‘Rodeo’ (2015) – details that have many excited about the promise of a new fan favorite.