Travis Scott faces legal action over Egyptian show as Live Nation says nothing will be cancelled

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Travis Scott Egyptian

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Photo credit: Ruben Hanssen

Travis Scott faces legal action over his planned performance at the Giza Pyramids as the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate seeks to cancel the event.

Egypt’s Music Professions Syndicate is suing Travis Scott’s plan utopia Event in Giza in hopes of being able to prevent the concert.

On July 16, Egyptian lawyer Amr Abdelsalam appeared Memri TV to discuss the syndicate’s decision to sue the rapper ahead of his highly anticipated event, citing “satanic rites” performed at his concerts. Abdelsalam claimed Scott’s show was canceled on Monday, however live nation has refuted these claims.

“This singer has a black record; He is considered a staunch supporter of global Freemasonry and the Afrocentric organization opposed to Egyptian identity and heritage. We have taken all legal measures to prevent this show,” said the Egyptian lawyer.

“In his shows, the American rapper performs the whole range of satanic rites (…) The well-being of the Egyptian citizens is more important to us than putting on such a show and justifying it with the fact that we need to boost tourism.”

“This rapper has been banned from singing and performing shows in the US since 2021,” he continued. “Dozens were killed and hundreds injured on his last show. Eyewitnesses documented that the type of music he was playing radiated negative energy and bizarre things were happening to those who attended the show.”

Travis Scott’s team has denied the reports and claims from Memri TV and repeated Live Nation’s statement that the show is going ahead as planned. Earlier this month, Scott, 32, announced that his forthcoming album’s launch event was sold out utopia would be live in Giza on July 28th and post: “Utopia is wherever you are.”

In addition to revealing the location of the launch event, Travis also posted three Accompanying trailers for the upcoming release, with each post featuring cities of significance to the rapper: Malibu, California; Miraval, France; and his hometown of Houston, Texas.