Travis Scott has to reckon with the cancellation of the Pyramids concert by the Egyptian authorities

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Travis Scott Egypt

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Photo credit: Frank Schwichtenberg / CC from 4.0

Travis Scott faces the possible cancellation of his planned gig at the Pyramids of Giza after the Egyptian syndicate of musicians revoked the concert permit.

Travis Scott’s planned concert at the Pyramids of Giza for the release of his upcoming album utopia is rejected by the Egyptian syndicate of musicians, who revoked the permit for the performance on July 28 as it “contradicts the identity of Egyptian culture”. Still, Live Nation says the show won’t be canceled.

It remains to be seen whether the syndicate has the official authority to cancel Scott’s performance, as a statement from promoter Live Nation said: “There were no changes to Travis Scott’s show in Egypt; All reports to the contrary are false. We can’t wait to celebrate Utopia with you in Egypt!”

According to an English edition of the Egyptian government newspaper: Al-AhramThe syndicate claimed that Scott’s concerts involve “strange rituals” and that it remains “committed to upholding the security and stability of our beloved homeland and opposes all acts contrary to its societal values.”

The outlet reports that the syndicate’s opposition stems from the crowds at Astroworld in 2021, which left ten visitors dead. The rapper announced his Egypt concert shortly after a Texas grand jury declined to criminally indict him.

The music syndicate banned Lebanese indie band Mashrou’ Leila from performing in Egypt after an audience member unveiled a rainbow flag during the band’s performance in Cairo in 2017.

In October of last year, the syndicate also issued a preliminary Ban on a genre of music, mahogany, also known as “worker-class rap” due to its roots in the country’s 2011 revolution. This ban also included the suspension of permits that had been granted mahogany Singer on the pretext of investigating bribery allegations. The decision coincided with the appointment of Egyptian singer Mostafa Kamel as the syndicate’s newly elected chairman, succeeding Hany Shaker.

“The temporary suspension of mahogany “Singers remain in effect pending a discussion between the board, music and cultural icons to study the phenomenon and define regulatory criteria,” Kamel said.

His predecessor, Shaker, campaigned against what he saw as an “unacceptable” genre and issued a ban in February 2020 mahogany Artists in clubs, cafes, hotels and concert halls.