TwitchCon Paris Introduces New Features for Developers – The Latest

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New Features of TwitchCon Paris

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Photo credit: Twitch

TwitchCon Paris unveiled several new features for the live streaming platform. Most are aimed at Twitch creators, but TikTokification of social media continues.

Twitch creators can look forward to new improvements to the Twitch clip editor, including direct exports to TikTok. Support for exports to YouTube was made available in May 2023. A new trimming feature and the ability to edit videos on mobile devices were also announced. Additionally, in August, creators will have the ability to mark clips as featured in the Creator Dashboard. Now creators have more control over which clips of their stream are shown to first-time viewers. Twitch says it will also prioritize featured clips over non-featured clips in its new Discovery feed.

Twitch also uses TikTok’s “Discovery Feed” to make it easier to find new streamers.

“The Discovery Feed will be a scrollable feed in the Twitch app, showing users a personalized mix of clips. Once this feed is rolled out, Twitch viewers will be able to discover clips from countless streamer channels, live or not. Because Twitch is all about live, interactive channels, it’s not our goal to have viewers spend hours in a Clips feed,” Twitch said says, which deals with this new feature. According to Twitch, the Discovery Feed will be rolled out on a larger scale in the fall, while limited experimentation with some users will be conducted with the feature until then.

Twitch also introduces the story format, gently adopted from Snapchat. Now Twitch streamers can offer their most engaged viewers exclusive content and updates on demand. Creators have the choice to broadcast stories to all Twitch followers or share them only with paying subscribers. Twitch Stories won’t be available until October, but expect limited testing as Twitch tests the feature.

Twitch Guest Star will also gain the ability to co-stream, allowing guests to join in live via their own channels. When co-streaming, a contributor’s video feed appears natively on your own channel – using notifications and stream interactions. Finally, Twitch offers more control over when ad breaks appear during live broadcast, which YouTubers have complained about on the platform for years.

Twitch introduces a chat countdown timer that lets streamers know when a promotion is coming up. It also gives them the option to snooze the movie or let it run at a time that better suits the content.