Universal Music Germany uses ThreeDee Music for Dolby Atmos production on frontline and catalog releases

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Universal Music Germany ThreeDee Music

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Photo credit: Universal Music Germany

Universal Music Germany uses ThreeDee Music for Dolby Atmos production on frontline and catalog releases in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

ThreeDee Music and Universal Music Germany have signed a deal for Dolby Atmos mixes in the Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA) region, designed as a comprehensive cross-label project. The agreement includes select frontline releases and parts of the newer back catalogue.

“With this partnership, we are giving fans the opportunity to enjoy music with the highest sound quality. “We have been working with the Dolby Atmos format for a long time and have had excellent experiences,” says Tom Bohne, President Music Domestic at Universal Music Germany.

“The leap in quality from stereo to Dolby Atmos is remarkable. The prerequisite is that you can create first-class mixes from stems, i.e. consolidated audio tracks. Among other things, we rely on our new partner ThreeDee Music. With his support, we will be releasing a large number of singles and albums in Dolby Atmos in the near future.”

“Following the launch of Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, the new format quickly became a true music standard. However, 3D music production is still new territory for many YouTubers. That’s why we need to offer individual training to teach artists, producers and their management the technical and creative aspects of Dolby Atmos,” adds Matthias Stalter, CEO and Founder of ThreeDee Music.

“It is in the interests of all market participants to overcome critical skepticism about the format and to jointly establish best practices and reliable standards. I am very pleased that Universal Music is doing pioneering work here and, together with us, will guarantee its great artists a uniform production structure and the highest quality standards for music in Dolby Atmos in the future. I really appreciate Tom Bohne’s trust!”

ThreeDee Music was founded in 2021 with offices in London and Munich. Founder Matthias Stalter worked for a long time at Abbey Road Studios as one of two in-house producers with his own production suite. With certified studios in the UK and Germany and its approach to 3D audio mixing and recording, ThreeDee Music is a global pioneer aiming to become the Central European market leader in 3D music production.