Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs Launch Blockchain-Focused Music Accelerator Program

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Warner Music Accelerator program

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Photo credit: Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs have announced a new music accelerator program for blockchain-based innovation.

The program aims to strengthen the interface between the music industry and Web3 technology by supporting developers who start music-related projects and dApps Use of the Polygon network. Ideal applicants for the program are companies and entrepreneurs working at the intersection of music, technology and Web3.

They should focus on specific areas of the industry such as nurturing artist-fan communities, establishing decentralized music production and distribution systems, innovative ticketing solutions, exploring music-related merchandise, digital and physical collectibles, and integrating music with interactive technology and games.

Applicants who meet the criteria should also demonstrate a strong enthusiasm for the future of music and have ideas that go beyond the conceptualization stage. The most competitive candidates will actively engage with the Polygon blockchain protocols or implement their concepts. Anyone interested in participating in the Music Accelerator program can submit their application Here.

“WMG is focused on enabling its artists and songwriters to build, enable, engage and monetize their communities in this next era of music production and consumption,” added Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer and EVP, Business Development. WMG added. “Through this partnership with Polygon Labs, we look forward to actively supporting the people, protocols and platforms that are pushing boundaries and helping WMG rethink how we use technology to create, share and experience music.”

Select projects are funded by both WMG and Polygon Labs, an industry-leading backing of two companies driving the future of music and blockchain. In addition to funding, select projects are eligible for a range of support from the best in music and blockchain, including mentoring and check-ins, strategic advice, networking and connection building, and marketing and promotion.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and require projects to submit pitch decks, provide evidence of traction and detail planned use of funds. Projects that receive funding then meet quarterly with WMG and Polygon Labs to provide updates, review progress, and receive strategic advice.