Warner Music Spain hosts summer songwriting camp in Madrid

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Warner Music Spain songwriter camp in Madrid

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Photo credit: Warner Music Spain

Warner Music Spain and Warner Chappell Music Spain are hosting a summer songwriting camp in Madrid.

The event at The Music Station brings together some of the biggest Spanish and Latin American artists and songwriters to create new music and perform at the live venue at The Music Station. Camp comes as Latin music, and Música Mexicana in particular, explodes on the global charts. Currently, five of the top six songs on Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart come from Latin American artists.

WM Spain and WCM Spain have welcomed a wide range of local artists and songwriters including Álvaro de Luna, Andrew Beret, Blas Cantó, Leo Rizzi, Paul Alone, Recycled J, Soge Culebra, Vanesa Martin and Walls, Xavibo and Yoly Saa. Whilst international stars such as Yng Lvcas, Danny Lux, Yami Safdie, El Arturo, Franco Rey, Gino Mella, Leon Leiden, Natalie Perez, Angela Torres, Dahro and Dahili have all traveled to Madrid.

Producers such as 3KMKZ, Andres Saavedra, Dodo Foie, FakeGuido, Garabatto, Jorge Chapas, Kabasaki, Kickbombo, Lowlight, Menend and Nuviala are available to moderate and drive the studio sessions.

The Music Station interview set also provides media companies such as Los40 Urban, Los40 USA and Amazon Music with a platform for in-depth discussions and behind-the-scenes insights into the songwriting camp.

Latin American music is an increasingly important part of the global record industry. Figures from the IFPI estimate that the total recorded music market in Latin America, Portugal and Spain was around US$1.7 billion last year. Separate figures from the RIAA show that Latin music grossed US$1.09 billion in the US, growing four times faster than the overall US recorded music market.

“Latin music continues to grow around the world and it’s important that we create an environment where our local artists have the opportunity to create and push music beyond our borders,” added Guillermo Gonzalez, President of Warner Music Iberia.

“The team reimagined the concept of a songwriting camp and pushed the experience beyond its limits by inviting DSPs and content creators to participate. This encourages a collaborative environment for artists, writers and producers to showcase their talents on The Music Station, while also opening the doors for fans and other music professionals to join.”