What are Spotify Codes and how do they work?

Photo credit: Spotify

Since the feature launched in 2017, Spotify codes have been an easy way to share and discover music – similar to a QR code. how do they work

Spotify Codes Generate a unique link to a track, album or playlist that you want to share. Like a QR code, others can scan this code to listen to the same music. Each artist, track, album and playlist can have a unique code, so you can share anything on Spotify the way you want.

How do I get a Spotify Code?

Spotify codes are available for free for premium subscribers – anyone can use them. To generate a code, click the three dots (next to the heart icon) on anything you want to share. This button is on all albums, tracks, playlists, and artists.

From there you can download it (if you are a premium subscriber), share and like it. Above, below the picture, you can see a Spotify code. Click on the code to enlarge it.

How to use Spotify Codes?

If you’re in the same location as the person you’re sharing with, they can scan the code directly from their Spotify app. You can also save the image to your photos, so you can send it to someone else to open with Spotify.

To scan a Spotify code, tap the camera button to the right of the search bar in the Spotify app, then tap Scan. Accept permissions so Spotify can access your camera and you can scan the code from someone else’s device or photo.

If someone sent you a picture, you can choose Choose from Photos to find the picture in your library. Choose “Select” and Spotify will lovingly whisk you away to any song, album, playlist or artist shared with you.

Where Else Can I Use Spotify Codes?

Artists, record labels and brands can do this too press Spotify codes will be transferred to promotional material and advertisements where they can be scanned and used in the same way as described above.