What the Hell Happened at Blue Ridge Rock Festival This Year?

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what the hell happened at Blue Ridge Rock festival

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Photo Credit: Justin / @tehcubsfan Twitter

The Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Alton, Virginia was canceled due to severe weather concerns. But fans are left wondering about refunds.

The festival was slated to take place from September 7-10 in Virginia, with a lineup that included Slipknot, Pantera, Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch, Staind and many more rock acts. Heavy lightning, rain, hail, and potential dangerous conditions led to festival organizers canceling the last two days of the show.

“With heavy hearts, due to this weekend’s continued severe weather, we must announce the cancellation of the final days of Blue Ridge Rock Festival,” organizers wrote on the official Instagram page. “Your safety and well-being are our foremost concerns. Please know that this decision was made with the utmost consideration for everyone involved.”

Organizers went on to say they would arrange refunds for those who had tickets for the days that were canceled. “We are working diligently to provide refund details and will share that information early this week when business re-opens,” they said at the time. Fans on social media began sharing their experience at the festival, sharing stories of overpriced water, lack of restroom facilities for the crowd, and huge piles of trash scattered all over the festival grounds.

Meanwhile, the Virginia Department of Health is investigating following reports from attendees who experienced gastrointestinal issues. One attendee says he experienced so much diarrhea after traipsing around dirty campgrounds that he lost weight.

“Our nurse practitioner said Andy you need to go immediately to employee health and tell them you may have ingested parasites or been introduced to one at least,” he told the WFXR about his experience. He reports drinking from the water stations and falling ill, while his friends who drank bottled water were fine.

“The camps, they were completely soaked and with the porta potties overflowing with water we were all literally traipsing around in poop,” he continues. Andy shared evidence of his medical treatment, receiving a prescription to treat a parasitic infection.