‘What Would Dolly Do?’—Dolly Parton Launches Apple Radio Series

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Dolly Parton Apple Music 1 radio show

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Photo Credit: Apple Music 1 (Kelleigh Bannen & Dolly Parton)

Since her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Queen of Country Dolly Parton has remained a busy little bee. Now she’s launching a new radio show on Apple Music 1.

The country music icon has announced her new show ‘What Would Dolly Do? Radio’ as a four-part mini-series that will air on Apple Music 1. The series offers a place for the country star to share her stories, wit, and wisdom with listeners ahead of her upcoming rock and roll album debut, ‘Rockstar.’ The series will debut on October 25 and carry through weekly until the release of her album.

“What would Dolly do if someone told her she should tone down her style?” Parton’s co-host Kelleigh Bannen asks her in a clip from the TODAY show. “‘I’d say, ‘Go to hell, I ain’t doin’ it,’” Parton drawls with a hearty chuckle. “I try to do what’s true to me. You got to have belief in yourself and you’ve got to have belief in your talent.”

Dolly Parton will address her looks and legacy, how she began as a country star and transformed into a role model for young women. The second episode focuses on both Bannen and Parton talking about businesses from the stage to the screen. For the third episode, Parton discusses her philanthropic efforts and why it’s so important to give back to communities. The final episode delves into her motivations while making the ‘Rockstar’ album.

“I do hope more than anything that I’ve been an inspiration,” Parton says during a clip of the show. “That I can be an inspiration, that I can leave something behind that might make some difference and just to say, well, if she did it, why couldn’t I do it.” Dolly Parton’s endeavors have always been an inspiration for me personally, so I can’t wait to give the series a listen.