Yes, the RIAA has an NFT plaque – Willow gets the first award

Photo credit: RIAA

The RIAA has presented its first NFT awards plaque. Willow is the first recipient of this award.

The award recognizes three platinum awards for “Whip My Hair”, two platinum awards for “Wait A Minute!”, two platinum awards for “Meet Me At Our Spot” and platinum for “transparentsoul ft. Travis Barker”. . The plaque features artwork commissioned by the pop-punk provocateur alongside Roc Nation and Infinite Objects.

“I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the sacred process of music,” Willow adds of the honor. “Lots of love to RIAA and Infinite Objects! It is my great honor to be able to celebrate these milestones in such an innovative way.”

“RIAA has been celebrating artists and their label teams through the Gold and Platinum program for 65 years as the industry has continued to evolve,” says RIAA VP of Media Relations | Gold and Platinum Awards Erin DD Burr. “We are pleased to announce this innovative new way of recognizing official certifications as Willow accepts the first-ever NFT plaque. We are grateful to Roc Nation and Infinite Objects for this creative collaboration.”


Minted on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721-NFT, this one-off recognizes Willow’s musical accomplishments and creative partnerships. The digital ledger system ensures transparency as each certified individual is represented as a “attribute” of the NFT, which can be updated on-chain as new thresholds are officially certified through the RIAA Gold & Platinum program. The authenticated Infinite OBjects Video Print ad also automatically reflects the change in artwork when the NFT is updated.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Willow, RIAA and Roc nation on this groundbreaking certification,” adds Infinite Objects. “It is a true honor to work together to shape Willow’s achievements across the chain and celebrate the artwork in an authenticated physical exhibit from Infinite Objects.”

Infinite Objects is a technology company specializing in transforming digital content into physical art objects. The company’s goal is to bridge the digital and physical worlds and offer a unique and innovative way to experience art with its patented line of video prints.