Yoto announces new partnership with Warner Music Group

Photo credit: Warner Music Group

Children’s audio platform, Yoto, announces a new deal with Warner Music Group, which will make the music leader’s children’s repertoire available on the Yoto platform starting this month.

Yoto, the kids’ audio platform behind the screenless Yoto Player and Yoto Mini, has announced a deal with Warner Music Group, one of the largest music companies in the world. As part of their collaboration, music from some of WMG’s legendary artists will be available on a portable audio player at home, as well as a variety of classic and contemporary children’s music and entertainment brands.

Inspired by Montessori pedagogical principles, Yoto is the brainchild of digital music pioneers, Ben Drury and Filip Denker, who created a device that allows young children to access the best children’s music without being exposed to ads, inappropriate content or too much music to be screen time.

The partnership between Yoto and Warner Music Group begins this month with Super Simple Songs music being enjoyed in homes and classrooms worldwide, available on Yoto Cards. In 2024, Yoto will create cards featuring music from a carefully selected and curated group of WMG pop, rock and soul artists, all suitable for young users.

Super Simple Songs is a popular YouTube channel with over 38 million subscribers and over 44 billion views for its original nursery rhyme and traditional nursery rhyme videos. Their music has been distributed by WMG’s Arts Music division since 2020.

“Music plays an important role in children’s development, from language development to understanding the world around them,” said Ben Drury, co-founder and CEO of Yoto. “We’re excited to partner with Warner Music Group to bring these iconic children’s music brands to Yoto.”

“The wonderful thing about music and children is that they are never passive. Singing, moving and playing along are always part of how they enjoy music and we are thrilled to be working with Warner Music Group to bring these Yoto Cards to market,” adds Dom Hodge, Head of Music and Sound at Yoto , add.

“We are excited to be working with Yoto to bring carefully curated music to their vast and growing audience of young people,” said Kevin Gore, President of Global Catalogue, Warner Music Group. “From our children’s classics of Super Simple songs to some of the highlights of our wider catalogue, we will work together to open up new horizons for young Yoto users.”

“We’re always looking for new ways to connect our artists’ music to audiences,” concludes John Rees, SVP of strategy and business development at Warner Music Group. “Yoto has established a leading position in the children’s entertainment market and is a natural partner to showcase our world-leading repertoire of children’s music, as well as other relevant repertoire.”

On June 15, 2023, Yoto will launch the 3rd generation Yoto Player featuring improved stereo sound, longer battery life, an integrated room temperature reader and much more.