ZEROBASEONE Mini-Album ‘Youth in the Shade’ Surpasses 1 Million Pre-Orders

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Zerobaseone youth in the shadows

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Photo credit: Genie Music

Pre-orders for K-pop boy band ZEROBASEONE’s debut mini-album ‘Youth in the Shade’ have surpassed an impressive 1 million copies mark.

South Korean boy band ZEROBASEONE’s debut mini-album, Youth in the Shade, is officially out listed According to distributor Genie Music, 1,080,000 copies had been pre-ordered just 13 days after pre-orders began.

Just days earlier, the group set another record for K-pop debut album, grabbing the highest number of pre-orders in history at 780,000, about five days after pre-orders began. The mini-album will contain six tracks, including debut single “In Bloom”, and will be released on July 10 at 6pm KST.

Meanwhile, to draw fans even more attention to their official debut release, ZEROBASEONE has released individual concept images – each member’s face in a glamorous shot to celebrate the mini-album release in a “digipack”Teasers.

Since announcing their formation, the group has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop world. ZEROBASEONE initially emerged victorious from the highly competitive reality show boy planetand it was all uphill for the group from there.

The group’s upcoming mini-album not only breaks pre-order records in South Korea, but is also the most pre-ordered debut album by a K-pop group on Ktown4u, a popular K-pop album and merch shop for international fans.

As a rookie group, ZEROBASEONE has also built an impressive social media presence. They already have 1.3 million followers on Instagram, surpassing the previous rookie group of 2023 record holderBABYMONSTER who had 1.2 million followers.

And they haven’t stopped there. ZEROBASEONE is now that most followed 2023 Rookie group on MelOn, South Korea’s largest online music store and streaming service. With over 10,000 followers, they have overtaken BOYNEXTDOOR, which held the previous record with 4,400 followers.

Across local Korean platforms and global K-pop fandom, ZEROBASEONE has garnered a tremendous following, and their upcoming mini-album has amassed an incredible number of pre-orders in the short time since its announcement, showing incredible anticipation for the group’s official debut .